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Charitable Donation Requests

Gift certificates and event-specific commissioned artwork are available for a variety of charitable causes.

Please review the donation requirements before submitting your donation request.

Donations are not available for organizations or events that wish to raise money in an effort to limit the rights of any persons based on ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual identity.

Donation Requirements

The following information must be included in your donation request:

Email your request for a donation to dominicwhitestudio@gmail.com

Portrait Sketch Gift Certificates

Customized Gift Certificates are available for auctions and raffles for a variety of charities. The gift certificates are personalized to your event and can be redeemed for either One 8x10 Portrait Sketch (Including Shipping) or $100 off an 11x14 or larger full color portrait.

portrait sketch gift certificate sample

Event-Specific Commissions

On occasion I will work with a charitable organization to create artwork customized to a specific fund-raising event. The subject of the artwork is chosen in cooperation with the event and charity organizers to maximize the fundraising potential.

The artwork is then commissioned at a discounted price I reserve only for non-profit organizations.

Typically there will be a minimum bid set at the auction just above the commission price. If the artwork does not meet it's minimum bid it can be used in a later fundraising campaign such as an online raffle.

When commissioning an original piece of art for a fundraising event, the organizers should have an idea of what size artwork and what kind of subject matter performs best at their auctions and how much money that subject matter and size typically raises.

portrait gift certificates for donations
“Breezy” 12×16 Oil Pastel on Panel.
Created specifically for UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center’s “Diamonds and Denim” 2014 Fundraising Gala. Raised $800 in raffle ticket sales.

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