Oil Pastel Portraits by the Dominic White Studio, LLC


Give A Unique Gift. Give A Custom Portrait!

How To Commission A Portrait

Step 1:

Pick a size for your portrait.

*House Portraits are not recommended for sizes smaller than 11x14

Step 2:

Email Your Photo To:


reference photo

Reference Photo

Step Three:

I will contact you to confirm the size, arrange payment, and if necessary send you a cropped version of your photo to match the size you have chosen.

Cropped Reference Photo

Reference Photo Cropped

Step 4:

You will recieve a photo of the final piece for your approval before it is varnished.

Pre-Varnished Photo

Pre Varnished Photo

Completed Portrait

After final approval and reciept of payment, the painting will be varnished and shipped.

Finished Portrait

Completed Portrait Ready To Ship

Please Contact Me If You Have Any Questions

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