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Oil Painting Portraits vs. Oil Pastel Portraits

The high cost of traditional oil portrait paintings puts owning an original portrait painting out of financial reach of most of us.

OilPastelPortraits.com wants everyone to be able to afford a custom original portrait painting inspired by a loved one, special event, or treasured location. Creating portraits in oil pastels makes this possible.

Price & Time Comparison

oil portrait paintings

Oil painting portraits similar to this 21x18 portrait of a young girl by 19th century master George Elgar Hick can cost thousands of dollars. Some well-known portrait artist can demand tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of highly detailed portrait painitng. A painting like this can take months to complete, along with at least a month drying time.

oil portrait paintings

This 12x18 oil pastel portrait of a young woman, while admiteddly less detailed than Hick's work, still produces a piece of art with bold colors, an painterly execution, and an expressive, insightful likeness. This portrait cost $500 and was completed and delivered in only two weeks.

What About "Affordable Oil Portrait" Sites?

There are many websites out there offering cheap original oil painting portraits. These sites typically farm out the work to a stable of either young artists just getting their start or to Asian "art factories".

As a portrait customer, the big promlem with this system is you never know which person is painting your portrait, and what your artwork is going to look like until it arrives.

By working directly with the artist, you have first hand knowledge of his or her style, and can be a part of the process. Also, you can be sure you are supporting an artist directly without any of your money going to a middle-man.

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