Oil Pastel Portraits by the Dominic White Studio, LLC

An Affordable Altertnative To Oil Portrait Paintings

"The painter must always seek the essence of things, always represent the essential characteristics and emotions of the person he is painting." -Titian

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OilPastelPortraits.com turns your favorite photographs into treasured, original, hand-drawn works of art.

At OilPastelPortraits.com you work directly with the artist, not an agent or middle-person, to create the perfect work of art that you will be 100% satisfied with.

The subject matter can be anything you desire: A portrait of a family member, a cherished pet, a moment from your wedding, a painting of your home, or anything else you imagine.

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Oil Pastel on Paper with Standard Size Mat

What Are Oil Pastels?

Oil pastels are an oil-based waxy crayon that have a creamy, opaque texture and hard edges instead of the chalky finish and softer edges of soft pastels. Their thickness and ability to be blended gives then a painterly quality that is very similar to expressive oil paintings.

Oil Pastel Portraits are drawn on a premium hardboard surface that is heavily sealed with multiple coats of varnish to ensure the longevity of the completed artwork.

What Makes Oil Pastel Portraits Less Expensive Than Oil Painting Portraits?

Oil pastels require no cleanup, no brushes, and no thinner or added oils. They can also be varnished right away and do not have the lengthy drying time associated with traditional oil paintings.

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Pet Portrait Painting in Oil Pastel

Portrait Prices & Sizes

NEW: 8x10 One-Color Portrait Sketches

Original Portraits for under $100!

It is the artist's personal belief that original artwork should not be something only the wealthy can afford. All the works are priced fairly and he will work with you personally to create a meaningful work of art that fits within your budget.

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Oil Pastel on Paper with Standard Size Mat

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